We would like to advise all foreigners, who will now be able to applying for visitor visa while buying property along the Forbidden Zone, but it is important to know, that according to the new law that took effect on November 9, 2012, the previous Mexican tourist visa will possibly no longer valid while selling, and requires a new application to be made at any Mexican consulate in the U.S. and obtain a "PERMANENT VISA" that will help you minimize your Capital Gains. NOTE: TEMPORARY WILL NOT BE ACCEPT.

As a courtesy to everyone, we're pleased to disclose this new information you need to know when you apply for a NEW visa (to become a resident) at any Mexican Consulate:


1 - Go to the Mexican Consulate nearest to your home in the U.S.

2 - Make an appointment with the Consul, applying for "a visa to stay in Mexico." It is important that when you apply you clearly stipulate it's your intention to enter into Mexico, and that your application is either for a Temporary or Permanent Residence. Once you have had your appointment, the reply from the consulate will greatly depend on the type of visa you requested. The following requirements are essential to show on the day of your consular appointment:



A-1 Submit a complete application.

A-2 Submit Original passport

A-3 One front color passport-size photo with the face visible, without glasses, and with a white background. Submit any of the following items: *) Financial solvency, including the original and copy of a bank's statement, or trust, showing that the applicant has sufficient resources, and that the income yields sufficient funds during one years year's term, amounting to monthly income not less than $ 1.900 Dls. **) Real Estate; Show an official deed (Bank Trust) from a Fedatario Publico or from a Local Notary, showing property ownership by a physical person(s) or business entity, with a value exceeding $ 103,500.00 Dls...


B. FOR PERMANENT RESIDENTS (retired / pensioners)


B-1-completed application

B-2-Original passport

B-3- One front color passport-size photo with the face visible, without glasses, and with a white background.

Submit the following documents:

****Original and a copy of bank statement, certifying that the applicant receives from a foreign government, or private companies; for services rendered, showing a monthly income of not less than $ 2.600 Dls.


IMPORTANT: There is a great possibility that the consul may requested, additional information to that mentioned above. The answer from that Consular interview will be within 10 business days after your interview. Once you receive your visa stamped on your passport, individual(s) will have a validation of 180 days, but it will ONLY apply for one entry to Mexico, and from that entry date, you'll have 30 days to request an "EXCHANGE" of your first time visa for temporary or permanent residence at the Immigration office nearest to your home in Mexico. NOTE: Our Rosarito office is in the best position to assist, but an appointment is necessary.


ADDITIONAL NOTE: There is a great possibility that the Mexican Notary of your choice, might require both the seller and the buyer of property, at the time of the transfer (sale) to show an official immigration document, proving legal residence in Mexico with:

a) An approved, new, temporary visa for (Buyers)

b) A "Permanent Resident VISA." is usally require to each case, while selling your property, HOWEVER, now to meet the new requirements. Sellers will have to show a Utility bill(s) under the owner's name, in order to minimize (one time) the "Capital Gains tax," and a migratory document call, as "Permanent Residency Visa."