Our office is capable of handeling all types of bills derived from your home in Baja; our unique on-line service can provide peace of mind 24/7, all for one low annual fee. The bill listed bellow are the ones you might wish us to handle on your behalf, all for one low anual fee. Please note that you must advise us of which bills you would like us to pay. You must advise us in writing which bills to pay.

Don't complicate you're self, let the experts handle it.

Don't complicate you're self, let the experts handle it.


This bill comes due once a year in early January, and we are prepared to handle any municipality. Tijuana, Rosarito or Ensenada.


This comes due every two months.


Normally, a reading occurs every month and usually the inspector leaves a small printed proof slip of this reading transaction by the door.


This is payable once a year. Most banks now require paying this fee in advance.We need to know which bank is handling your trust, in order to verify the expiration date.


This bill is due every two months, and each municipality has its own way of handling this payment. We highly recommend you keep current with this laws in addition to socuring a "Federal Concession".


Normally there are two types of bills. Meter bill or a Stationary tank. For those who have a stationary tank you must monitor the tank gauge and not let it go below 30 percent. this will help us to handle proper delivery, as trucks can break down and delay delevery, when you need a fillup.


This is usually due every month.Under no circumstances, rent your home with telephone availability, as in most cases, renters have left without paying the last month, unless you secure bill payment with a substantial deposit. Renters can also get there onw line.


You may make an arrangement with a local to provide you with a cleaning service, maintenance, etc.


If you do so, you can ask them to stop by our office and settle with a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly payment If your account does not have enough funds on hand to pay all your bills and obligations, we will pay the most important ones. These are our priorities:

1.- Electricity 2.- Telephone 3.- Water Bill 4.- Property taxes. Bank fee, 5.- Federal Zone 6.- Propane.


WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE THE ONE AND ONLY ON-LINE SERVICE: Our unique on-line service has proven to be a great tool for our customers, to monitor all current expenses 24/7, plus it allows you to know your exact balance to avoid unnecessary disruptions.