1.- MEXICAN INSURANCE: Homeowner's coverage provides to Building, Personal Contents, Liability, Theft, Glass break:age. Automobile full coverage. Collision, Comprehensive, Liability, Medical plus Legal and Road assistance. US Liability is available for Permanent resident only. Mexican liability for specific car or we can insure your Driven License. (ask for more details) e-mail: luz@jorgecuadros.com


2.-UTILITY BILLS PAYMENTS: Electricity, Water, Telephone, Property tax bill, Bank fee, Federal Zone, Propane, Maid, HOA fees. e-mail: margarita@jorgecuadros.com


3.-FM-T, FMI-2 or FM-3 ASSISTANCE: All new and renewal applications. FM-T's and APPostille within San Diego County are available. e-mail: paola@jorgecuadros.com


4.-TRUST LEGAL ASSISTANCE: New buyers, Extensions, Transfers, Probates, Bank substitutions, Property or Title research, Escrows, Appraisals, Wills or any kind of trust problem (s).


5.-24 Hrs. EMERGENCIES: (664) 206 - 4526 or NEW US telephone: 24 Hrs. (619) - 819 - 5137 .



QUINTA PLAZA" south building, next to .Caliente Sports Book" Betting in Rosarito. P. O. Box 437110 San Diego, CA 92143-7110 TA. (661) 612 - 1295 Fax. 612 - 1285 e-mail: info@jorgecuadros.corn